Finding Bethlehem in the mists of Bedlam by James W Moore

How do we express the birth of Jesus Christ to our world?

How do we do justice to his birth?

How do we capture its impact?

How do we communicate what it means?

John expresses it well in his gospel; “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it” (verse 5) that’s what Christmas is about; and that’s why it’s the season of lights. Everywhere we look – in our city, our nation, and across the globe – Christmas lights are coming on – lights on Christmas trees and manger scenes, lights on houses and buildings, lights on doorways and in Windows, candle lights, spotlights, and neon lights. All these lights symbolise the same thing, the light of God coming into a dark world, the light of God coming in the birth of the baby to bring true, open, love, and peace to a needy dusky world.

A strong message always comes to us when we look towards the manger in Bethlehem. From the manger in Bethlehem and from the empty tomb of Jerusalem comes very powerful words: “Mind the light!” That is, keep the light of Christ of glow in the world. Keep bright and clear and visible what Jesus stood for and with keep bright and clear and visible what he believed in and died for keep the light of Christmas burn

We find God’s light in Jesus Christ, our job at Christmas is to be reflectors of the light of Christ and bring some measure of his lights and life to dark corners of the world.

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