Archbishop of Canterbury: “Hatred of Muslims is blasphemy”

In the wake of the shooting in New Zealand, the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke at an interfaith gathering at Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

Much of what I was going to say has already been said. The killings in New Zealand are monstrous. The response of New Zealand, all its people, with Muslims in the forefront, is beautiful and inspiring. What they say to each other we say to you. Those who attack Muslims in THIS country or elsewhere attack every human being. You are not “the other”, you are us. Those who act out of hate for Muslims act out of hate for all here. Those who acted or supported the actions in New Zealand attack all of us.

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A prayer for Christchurch and New Zealand

God of grace and mercy,
We pray for the people of Christchurch and New Zealand.
We pray for the 49 victims who have died in these attacks,
for the mercy of your eternal love.
We pray for all who mourn, for families, friends, communities, a nation. We pray for Muslim communities grieving
and we pray for understanding and acceptance throughout the world
between people of all faiths and none.
O God of many names,
love of all peoples,
we pray for peace.
Peace in our hearts and homes, peace in our nations and our world, the peace of your will,
the peace of our need.
Through Christ, the prince of peace. Amen.
Collect from A New Zealand Prayer Book – He Karakia Mihinaare O Aotearoa

The Reverend Josie Steytler

Environment Network calls on Anglicans around the world to use less plastic

Photo Credit: Matthew Gollop / Pixabay

The Anglican Communion’s Environment Network (ACEN) is encouraging Anglicans to reduce their use of plastic in Lent. Organisers hope that those taking part in the “plastic fast” will learn to use less plastic in the longer term in order to protect the earth’s environment. The Environmental Co-ordinator for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Canon Rachel Mash, said that that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. “Plastic is already entering into our drinking water”, she said. “Plastic clogs our rivers, leaches into our soil and is one of the greatest challenges the planet faces.”

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Friday Community Meal

Our Inaugural Community Meal was this last Friday the 22nd of February. It was good to meet more of the the Greenwood community over a shared meal. This month we were having Hamburgers and Sausage Sizzles. Next month we will have a different culinary theme. Everyone is welcome to be there. Here are a few photos from the evening.

Know God Personally,
Love and Respect One Another Deeply,
Disciple and Serve those around us.

Bishop Jeremy Visits us at St John’s.

We were visited by bishop Jeremy today 17-2-2019 (right in the picture). He presided at the service and preached for us on Epiphany 6. (see the post for the weekly service).

Here he is talking to Keith (left) near the front door before he came into the hall to talk with the rest of us.

After the service he intentionally wanted to hear our news.

Know God Personally,
Love and Respect One Another Deeply,
Disciple and Serve those around us.

Brian writes another Sunday Journal

Brian and Kay Haig of the early congregation have written and edited the next Sunday Journal 129. It is hoped that this will be used in the various small groups that run during Lent leading up to Easter.

The studies are usually once per week for a few weeks commencing about 6th March and running up to Easter Sunday on the 21st of April .

Some groups may continue longer than Easter Sunday

If you want to be part of these studies contact Rev’d Josie for a study group near you.

Brian writes…
“This publication has been written and designed by a brief given to me from the Rev Josie Stytler the parish priest at St John’s the  Evangelist Church. Josie asked for a series of Lenten studies that enabled discussion group members to clarify what they believe and then be encouraged to be confident when talking to others about Jesus.”

Know God Personally,
Love and Respect One Another Deeply,
Disciple and Serve those around us.

Greenwood Street Pantry

St John’s is hosting the Greenwood Street Pantry on our church building. It is firmly fixed to our outside wall. We made available our building for this Greenwood community venture.

The idea is to take what you need or leave what you can. Everything in the pantry is freely available to everyone in Greenwood and surrounding areas, not just St John’s people. There is no charge. If you think you need something then take it. When you can, put something back.

Please remember that only items in good condition should be shared with others – whole packets and tins, no dents or tears thanks.

Only tins and jars remain on the shelves and packets or items that vermin or birds can get to, go in the cupboard below.

The street pantry has over 200 people in the Greenwood area and beyond interested.

For more details follow the conversation on Facebook at

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